Whistleblower hotline service


Our ethics whistleblower hotline service was launched to act as an independent chanel between organisations management, employees, suppliers and stakeholders.

Whistleblowing hotlines have become a global strategic tool in the fight against fraud, corruption and inappropriate activities.

The purpose of our whistleblower Tip-Offs service is to provide a reporting platform for unethical conduct in organisations. Many employees who becomes aware of fraud or unethical behaviour in the workplace, might be reluctant to report their concerns directly to management for fear of any adverse employment action or retaliatory action from their employers or colleagues. This may explain why a significant amount of tips come from anonymous parties.

It is recognised that an anonymous reporting channel for unethical conduct has proved to be an effective mechanism to gather information or create awareness concerning potential fraud or wrongdoing. Independent, confidential and anonymous whistleblowing hotlines ought to play a critical role in organisations anti-fraud programs. 


Implementing a whistleblowing hotline platform demonstrates to employees, clients, suppliers, board of directors and other stakeholders an organisation’s commitment to address fraud or any other unethical conduct. It is a valuable resource for discovering internal fraud or inappropriate behaviour, which may go undetected. Tip-Offs identifying potential risk could serve as an early warning detection mechanism to minimise an organisation’s exposure to financial risk, operational, safeguarding of assets or reputational risk.  Employees and external parties may feel more confident to provide tips knowing that we are an independent third-party hotline service and that their anonymity will be protected. Using an external service provider also ensures that reports of fraud or unethical behaviour is handled in a secure and confidential manner to the extent permitted by law.


All Tip-Offs received will be carefully assessed by trained personnel to ensure proper handling of information, data protection and protection of whistblower’s identity. We will assess the complaints to discard spurious complaints and identify, which ones are derserving of further attention. We will advise organisations management that further investigation is warranted or not, except if management has a policy that every complaint will/must be investigated. Our hotline service is designed for all types and sizes of business and to accommodate most of the South African local languages. Our email and whatsapp option are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Our resources are available to assist organisations with the implementation of a whistleblower policy or explaining your rights and the operation of the Protected Disclosures (Act 26 of 2000) and the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities (Act 12 of 2004).   


In the pursuance of our services, we comply with high ethical and professional standards. We further ensure that all information is dealt with confidentially, identity of whistleblowers are protected and all information contained in our reports are truthful, complete and unbiased. The South African legal system protects whistleblowers from discrimination and harassment.



It is critical how organisations deal with information received from whistleblowers in the initial phase. Our extensive experience and investigation skills enables us to support organisations with any ensuing investigations or criminal and disciplinary proceedings.

We have partnered with credible individuals, multilingual translators and attorneys to ensure that we provide a professional service. In the event that you require advice, we treat your information with the utmost confidentiality.


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